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  • What if I miss a day of class?
    Not a problem! Life is life and things come up. Our classes are progressive from week to week however missing one week will not prevent you from keeping pace as we will do a review at the beginning of each class of the material from the previous week so if you were absent, you can pick it up. If that review isn't sufficient you can book a private lesson to supplement.
  • Can I video record a class?
    No this is not permitted at any time in order to protect the intellectual property of Billings Ballroom. However we encourage you to practice as much as possible in between classes or arrange for supplemental private lessons for more retention of what is being taught.
  • Are there any age restrictions on classes?
    Yes! Adult dance classes require that you be at least 18 years of age or older. We have a wonderful youth program set up for minors to participate in as young as 6 years.
  • As I'm learning to dance, where can I go practice?
    Truthfully you can practice anywhere you want! If there is music and some space, go for it! This includes restaurants, your home, and events. But we also like to help out by offering socials at our studio about once a month so you can get together with other club members, invite some friends, and practice what you have been learning in class.
  • What clothes do I wear to dance class?
    Whatever makes you feel both comfortable and confident! For some that will be a nice button down top with dress pants while others may want to wear a pair of jeans, and others still may choose to wear a dress to feel special on your night out dancing. We do request that you be respectful in your choices and avoid wearing items that others may find offensive. Thank you.
  • Do I need to be experienced to sign up for a class?
    No! In fact the less you know, the more we can teach you in the proper techniques! We enthusiastically welcome beginners as well as more advanced dancers to join one of our clubs with a monthly membership or learn at your own pace and skill level with private lessons.
  • What do I wear to dance class?
    We HIGHLY recommend owning your own pair of real ballroom, latin, or swing dance shoes. You can purchase some of the best brands here at If you do not have dance shoes, please bring with you a clean pair of comfortable tennis shoes that allow you to spin easily (not stick) Although cowboy boots are amazing and get the job done on the ranch, they are very restrictive and often heavy on foot movement and these we do not recommend that you wear while you are learning. They are fun to put on out on the town after you've mastered your dance skills with us first.
  • Do I need a partner to sign up for a dance class?
    Not at all. Both singles and couples are encouraged to participate in our clubs and we rotate partners throughout the class time to help leaders and followers increase in their skills to communicate with different types of people. But don't forget to invite your friends! Its more fun when you can do this as a group!
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